Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My beautiful sister…

Well my gorgeous lil sister Alexie had her school formal on Saturday. School is done and dusted for her… she is moving into a new era and is really growing up!

She looked so incredible on Saturday.. I couldn’t believe it was my little sister! She really did look so grown up and gorgeous… here’s the proof!

S7304724 The gorgeous graduate. Featuring especially designed jewellery by yours truly, of course. I have to show you some photos of what I made for her… I’m pretty proud of it. S7304710  S7304716  S7304720S7304725 The whole family got to go out to pre-dinner drinks, so we all dressed to the nines and got some lovely family shots while we were at it.


My sisters, my daughter and I… the only good full-length shot I’ve got of Alexie on my camera.


The family. Mama, Bethanie, Papa, Alexie, Me + Mayana, Jordan, Pete, Lockey (B’s boyfriend).

S7304737Me with my gorgeous husband and daughter 

S7304739two gorgeous princesses…


  1. Your sister looks very pretty, she doesn't look 17 or 18!

    I love your jewellery! My goodness that is gorgeous! I haven't looked at your jewellery page for sometime, do you have anything like that for sale?

  2. Lucy I don't really have much on hand at the moment, I've been making things just specifically for people - designed for your needs etc. That's more my passion. If there's something you'd like, just tell me your ideas and I'm more than happy to go for it!


Thank you!!


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