Thursday, 5 November 2009

the me that he knows...

he being Pete. My husband. I pinched this idea from Talia, who pinched it from Leila.
So sit back, relax and enjoy a guest post from my gorgeous husby !

1. What is something your wife always says to you?

Foo... can you please get me/do/go and [insert instruction here]......... <---- Okay, I'm allowed to comment on these answers because it's my blog and I make the rules. Foo is a weird pet-name that I have for Pete and I'm not entirely sure where it came from. But it's stuck. And yes, I might be sometimes just a teensy widdle bit bossy *blush*.

2. What makes your wife happy?

Our daughter's smiles and cuddles... or me coming home with a bunch of flowers. <--- awww... so true. Though I think I forget what it feels like to have you come home with a bunch of flowers!

3. What makes your wife sad?

When she doesn't get to see her family for ages. As in more than three weeks. :P <--- that's meant to be a little 'tongue pokie-outie thing', in case you're wondering.

4. How does your wife make you laugh?

By being silly and mucking around with me.

5. What was your wife like as a child?

A genius. Cos she could talk (like in sentences) when she was one and read (chapter books) by the time she was five.

6. What is her favourite thing to do?

Anything related to craft work. At the moment crocheting. Beading. Sewing. Scrapbooking. Cross-stitch. <--- yes, we have a LOT of my 'stuff' everywhere in this house. Thank the Lord for my supportive husband.

7. What does your wife do when you’re not around?

the same things she does when I am around..... I think. <---- hmmm... are you sure?? hehe.

8. If your wife becomes famous, what will it be for?

Designing baby clothes and accessories. Or one or other of her craft ventures.

9. What is your wife really good at?

See question 8, and 6. And blogging.

10. What is your wife not very good at?

Sport. Or anything sport related, like playing tennis on the wii, or watching sport on TV. She can't do it. <--- Sport?? What's that???

11. What does your wife do for her job?

University student. And is the best mother she can be. <--- plus I look after my husband.

12. What is your wife’s favourite food?

spaghetti, butter chicken, thai food.

13. What makes you proud of your wife?

I'm proud of everything she does.

14. If your wife were a cartoon character, who would she be?

I can't think of any that matches up to her...

15. What do you and your wife do together?

Everything. <---- This is pretty much true. We spend almost all our time together and really do everything together.

16. How are you and your wife the same?

we have lots of similar interests, enjoy the same TV shows, movies, foods, people...

17. How are you and your wife different?

I do like sport.

18. How do you know your wife loves you?

When she comes up and gives me big cuddles at random times, or snuggles up to me when we watch TV, or gives me kisses.

19. Where is your wife’s favourite place to go?

Ravensbourne National Park. Or wherever her family is.

Awww... isn't he a sweetie-pie. No wonder I love him to bits.

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