Friday, 27 November 2009

Adding a new skill to my repertoire: Hairdressing

My Petey was getting a wee bit shaggy looking, and I decided he needed a hair chop before our family portrait sitting. Trouble is, he’s been slugging away at his last uni assignment and we ran out of time to go to an actual hairdresser. So yesterday, I bought some “hairdressing scissors” from Coles for $10.00 (inverted commas because I’m sure my hairdresser Mel would quit before using them on a client’s hair) and a hairdressing cape for $6.00, also from Coles. The scissors could definitely been sharper, but they did their job okay.

After dinner, I watched some youtube videos about cutting men’s hair. Hehe. I have cut Pete’s hair once before. It didn’t go particularly well. The scissors I was using were bluntish, and we ended up going and buying some el cheapo clippers to fix things. I hacked off the rest of Pete’s long bits with the kitchen scissors (*blush*) and then went to work with a ‘number 4’ blade. Trouble was, the stoopid el-cheapo clippers number four was more like a normal clippers number 1. Or less. It was bad. Please God let not my husband become bald, because it is not a good look for him. Anyway. We wanted to avoid a reoccurrence of this type of debacle. Hence my youtube hairdressing apprenticeship.

I asked Pete if he was sure he trusted me about a kazillion times. He cruelly made jokes about “there’s always the clippers in the bathroom cupboard”. Meanie. We spread out the plastic mat that goes under her highchair; set Pete up with a terry towel and the hairdressing cape; I armed myself with a fine-tooth comb, a water spray bottle and my Coles scissors; took a deep breath and started to cut. Pete sat patiently and calmly watching Beauty and the Geek and the Amazing Race while he experienced The Longest Haircut in History.

And I’m pleased to say, hit patience paid off. I did a pretty decent job, if I don’t say so myself: (please excuse the hairy man-ness, he can’t help it)

S7304772S7304776   S7304774S7304775

Spunky huh?


  1. I cut Luke's beard with scissors once, before we had clippers... it was pretty bad! WAY too short!

    Glad Pete's hair cut went well!

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