Friday, 27 November 2009

Things that bug me…

* My neighbour’s smoking that continuously wafts through my house all day. She goes out for a smoke almost every half hour. Our front doors are adjacent and less than 3 metres apart. I can even smell her cigarettes down the hallway in Mayana’s room when the wind is right. It SUCKS! I refuse to sit with all my windows shut all summer.

* The way my neighbour shrieks at her children all day. I would go and ask her if she could smoke around the corner in her garden or something, but I’m too scared of her yelling at me that way. I haven’t heard her speak to her children in anything but a harsh tone once. And I hear a lot of what she says because she’s always yelling it.

* People in those stands at the shops – the ones that want to try some handcream on you or sell you austar or something, and they nag at you to come and try stuff out/buy stuff. Don’t accost me when I’m trying to just do my shopping in peace. If I wanted to try your stupid product I would go over to you and ASK!

* The bill that I just got for the pathology for my recent pap smear. It’s for almost twice the amount my doctor told me it would be. Hopefully I’ll get some back from medicare.

* That my reindeer wall decal Christmas decoration isn’t sticking properly.

* The creatures that have taken residence in the roof in our bedroom. They keep me awake and drive me batty. I hope they inhale fibreglass fibres from our new insulation and die a painful death. Or at least eat the ratbait Pete put up there. And die a painful death.

* The fact that all the good shows are ending and crappy summer ratings TV is beginning.

And I think that’s about it for today.

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