Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Cruicible

Yesterday I got the opportunity to go to Brisbane with my brother and sister’s school and see “The Cruicible” at the QPAC theatre. I used to go to lots of live theatre with my school drama classes. Lots. I’ve been to nearly none since finishing school. It’s so sad. And yesterday I realised how much I miss it!

The Cruicible was fantastic. It’s not a fun story, it’s pretty dark and has some intensely deep themes, but it definitely makes you think. And it was SO well done. The actors were fantastic, the set and lighting was amazing…. I just loved having the opportunity to experience it. There were some pretty renowned actors in it too. The gorgeous James Stewart, who plays Jake in “Packed to the Rafters”, Paul Bishop who used to be Ben in “Blue Heelers” and Andrew Buchanan who starred in Sea Patrol for a few seasons, as well as a number of seasoned stage actors who have been around for a long time. Pretty cool huh!? James Stewart is seriously hunky. All the highschool girls majorly swooned when he walked on the stage. He played the Reverend Hale for those who know the story, and did a fabulous job.

The story is crazy. You just can’t get over the ridiculousness of it, but when you think about it, it happens every day in our society, in our media.. If you don’t know the story, click the link up there and have a read. Or I’m pretty sure there’s a movie version of it you could hire out.

If you have seen/read it… tell me what you think.. Was witchcraft REALLY rife in the Salem? Were the girls really seeing/being affected by spirits, or did their make-believe just become hysteria, each of them fuelling the others into ever greater delusions. Did they really see anything that day in the forest, or did they just pretend it all so they wouldn’t get in trouble for dancing naked? Or was there magic mushrooms in the ‘brew’? So many questions.. so much unresolved.. what’s your take?

I’m leaning towards the magic mushrooms delusions. Making up stories to get themselves out of trouble. It all starting off as a game and spiralling out of control to a point where it was too huge for the girls to reel back in. And I think Abigail was just vindictive and evil.

Either way.. the insanity of it all is overwhelming. Condemning good and decent Christian people to death over the claims of silly girls. Freeing them if they ‘confess’ to once working for the devil but having now turned back to God, murdering them if they stand firm in their convictions and insist that they have only ever been good, Christian people. Hanging anyone who realises what is going on and dares to stand up and question the courts. Craziness!

Oh I love the theatre. I really should make the effort to go much more often.

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