Sunday, 26 July 2009

we’re in the market…

For a new couch, or two.

It’s no fun settling in for a movie or two on a Saturday night on the most uncomfortable couch in the world!!!

So this weekend, we’ve been couch shopping.

We don’t have a huge budget, or a huge space, so are reasonably limited by that.  But after looking in all the furniture stores in our town, we came across something that suits our budget, our space AND our taste! Plus it’s actually nice to sit on!

This two piece set (3 seater + 2 seater) is only $599 (more info here), with a 5 year warranty on the frames, and for an extra $180 we can have the fabric scotch-guarded, which will also give that a 5 year warranty This is the colour we are looking at getting too.

They won’t have any in stock for a few months (being ordered from overseas), but we can put a deposit down so one is set aside for us, and if in the meantime we change our mind we get a full refund. So after sleeping on it, we’re pretty sure that we’ll be in to put down our deposit tomorrow…

Can’t wait for a comfy bum!

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  1. I love them!

    The scotchguarding is so worth it. We had ours done (when we got married a few years ago, in anticipation of kids) and there are NO stains on the couch- everything wipes plain off. William's tried to vomit on it countless times, and nope, clean as a whistle!


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