Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sewing project | #1

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have a couple of sewing projects on the go...

Today I finished one!

I decided to make Mayana a cot bumper. I know they are not the norm anymore, and possibly not even encouraged.. but since losing the wrap and moving into a sleeping bag, Mayana has been a little more mobile in the cot. We have been finding her chewing on the rungs of her cot, arms thrust between the gaps.. she has been shooting goals with her dummy, and she definitely cannot get it back into her own mouth when it's on the floor! So we decided we wanted a cot bumper. I looked around at a few department stores and baby stores, and couldn't find any for under $60! So I hit Spotlight, and $25 later, I've made a cot bumper. A nice thin one, flannelette with cotton batting.

It makes the cot look so cosy and pretty, I've thought about crawling in there for a nap myself! What do you think?

July 09 00115

Now that Mayana has been living in it for six months, we think we've finally decided we're happy with her room. We loved it before she was born, but since she's been in it we've added a few extra touches that have just made it 'hers'. For example, the gorgeous wall decals. I'd been looking for some for ages but cringed at the prices... until I found this set from a discount store for only $6.99!! Couldn't pass that up! Also, the hot air balloon mobile from Ikea, and the town map play mat. Plus the little pink and green baskets for her shelves, and the gorgeous Noah's Ark mobile from Mayana's Godparents, Daniel & Katherine.
We think Mayana's room looks like a fun place for a little girl to play and sleep. And we're proud of what we've put together on a tight budget!

July 09 00118 July 09 00117

Next sewing project…. some cloth nappies


  1. The cot bumper looks lovely Zoey.

  2. It looks great! I'd be interested to know how you make your cloth nappies too. I will be wanting to make some of those one day!

  3. Definitely looks like a fun room for little kids! We have that floor rug, too.

  4. It's gorgeous!!! I've umm-ed and ahh-ed over cot bumpers debate too. You've inspired me to make my own. It'll also give me another project to do in these last 4 weeks... :D

  5. wow looks great, I love the stripey cot bumper fabric!


Thank you!!


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