Sunday, 26 July 2009


The Friendly family has been unwell this week, hence my absence from the blog/internet world.

It all started on Wednesday, when I brought Mayana into our bed for her morning feed, and after a few swallows she proceeded to throw up all over our bed. Mayana has NEVER been a chucky baby, she has posseted maybe twice in her life, and this was massive. Pete got busy stripping the bed, while I stripped Mayana and ran a bath. She was pretty upset about the whole thing until she got into the bath. After her bath, we went back to bed, take two on the feed, and she up-chucked again. Luckily we'd had the foresight to put towels down! And so the day went on...

We managed a doctor's visit, but because her temp and everything was fine, we just got told to keep getting as much fluids as possible into her, and give her lots of TLC.

By that night, she was keeping down feeds, and looking a little more chipper.

Next day, back to doctor as she was booked in for 6 month needles. She was much better by then, but not quite 100%, but our doctor decided to go ahead with injections anyway.

That afternoon, I got Mayana's bug, and on Friday, it was Pete's turn.

So we have been a fairly miserable bunch this last week. Thankfully we're all feeling a lot better now. Mayana's struggled a bit getting over both gastro AND needles within two days of each other. It's the first time she's really been sick, and it was hard to see her so unhappy. Today is the first day since that she's been giving us smiles and giggles again, and she's finally got a bit of an appetite back.

And I'm happy to have normalcy in my world again.

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