Sunday, 26 July 2009

a few more extras

I know I said that I was done with decorating Mayana’s room, but maybe I never will be…

Check these out: the three boxes  in the bottom shelf cost me only $2.50 each (!!!!) at Freedom. I bought three, without even knowing the measurements, and they fit perfectly.July 09 00157

July 09 00158

I filled one with toys, one with board books (the books she’ll be allowed to play with), and the other is yet to be filled.

I’m not sure if I showed you this invention/storage solution yet:
July 09 00160 Mayana has a great big pile of soft toys that didn’t have anywhere sensible to live, so I bought a length of plastic chain from Bunnings, attached coloured plastic pegs, and her teddy bears now hang from her wardrobe door!

So based off that idea, yesterday I created this:

July 09 00159 I used a length of lace ribbon, and tied foldback clips about 10cm apart. Now her hats (which were overflowing out of the box I had them in)  hang behind her door.

Mmm maybe Mayana’s room will be an ever-evolving work-in-progress…

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  1. How awesome are those baskets and I love your hanging storage idea. I think kids rooms will always be evolving.


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