Sunday, 5 July 2009

today I smiled when...

I saw this photo of my gorgeous daughter.

Her eyes are so amazing and beautiful, they take my breath away! I can't believe I made her!

She is also growing so well these days. We have been so excited, because she has put on nearly 500g in the last fortnight!!! If you've been following my posts on her growth issues, you'll understand what a big deal that is. Between the second and third months of her life she only gained 100g, and between months 3 and 5 she gained between 60-90g per fortnight! When I had her weighed last Monday she was just under 4.5kg, and I'm very much looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow!

These last few weeks have been busy for Mayana. Besides all this growing, she has also developed quite a few new skills. She can competently roll over, from both front to back and back to front, and push herself up with her arms when on her tummy. She can squiggle herself forward (very small distances) on her tummy. She is much more precise and purposeful in her movements, in grabbing toys and things like that. She reaches out to people when she wants them to hold her. She can say, "Mmmmmmma", and I can't wait for the day when it evolves into "Mmmamma". She has even cut her first tooth, and the second is well on its way!

It's an absolutely delightful phase of development, and every day brings something new and exciting, and another reason to smile.

What made you smile today?

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  1. I smile when I look over my work computer to see my husband working away. :-) He's so perfect.


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