Monday, 20 July 2009

six Mayana months

Six months of being a Mama...

Six months of getting to know my daughter...

She loves:

* Her Papa

* Bath time

* Stella (her special toy)

* All her adoring fans

* Her rings

* mama-milk

* food

* Singing and music

* Raspberries

* my necklaces

* the mobiles above her cot and change tables

* sitting up and rolling around

* going to the shops

* People telling her how beautiful she is

She doesn't love:

* paw paw

* clothes that go over her head

* having boogers cleaned out of her nose

* gripe water

* teething

* being growled at when she bites Mama during breast feeds

* being hot

She has the cheekiest personality, and the most gorgeous grin you've ever seen. Her eyes are amazing, and everyone, from proud grandparents to complete strangers, ALWAYS comment on them. She is possibly the most photographed baby of all time. She just started saying 'Dadadadad', and it's SOOOO cute. Now instead of crying when she wakes up in her cot, she talks to Stella or her mobile.. it's so much nicer to wake up to giggles and 'dadadas'.

She is my whole world. And we are hers. And I love it. I love her!

Happy half-birthday, precious girl.


  1. The photo of Mayana is just gorgeous! She is a beautiful girl and very very loved by the sound of it! :-)

  2. Happy half-birthday Mayana!

    Growing up so fast....we are going to be seeing your first school pictures in the blink of an eye


Thank you!!


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