Saturday, 11 July 2009

reporting back

The Bunya Mountains were beautiful. Incredibly so. Our little Chalet was very cute and cosy, the fireplace was fabulous, the company wonderful. It was a lovely few days away.. the perfect way to finish off our visit with Oma.

We got to the mountains on Tuesday afternoon, set ourselves up, and chillaxed for the rest of the day/evening. '

On Wednesday, we went for a bushwalk, which was fun, but I swear it was longer than I remember it being last year! After the walk, some of the family went for a drive, and the rest of us stayed at the chalet and watched Gilmore Girls DVDs and played guitar hero.

Thursday saw us heading towards Kingaroy, stopping at a winery or two, enjoying lunch at a yummy restaurant, getting lost a couple of times, and enjoying some cute touristy spots.

Friday we packed up, and headed home, stopping first at the very nice Rimfire winery (highly recommended if you’re ever in this neck of the woods!).  Dinner last night was at the local golf club.. very nice, and very affordable.. we’ll be back!

Mayana has coped so well with this long time away, especially considering she’s been teething. That second tooth still hasn’t made an appearance, but I can see it very clearly just underneath the skin. I’ll be glad when it’s through! The poor little mite is suffering with her very first cold at the moment. She’s done pretty well to get to nearly 6 months without being sick. She seems to be coping reasonably well at the moment – here’s hoping it doesn’t get much worse!

I had a lovely time – I can’t believe that we’ve been away for nearly a month all-in-all. It’s been great catching up with Oma, and hanging with various family members. Pete took Oma off to the airport this afternoon, and she is currently up in an aeroplane flying over Australia somewhere on her way back to Perth. And I’m at home with my little family, hubby beside me on the couch, baby snuggled safe and warm sleeping in her cot… and tonight I get to sleep in my own bed! There’s nothing like it…

Here are some snaps from our Bunya Mountains getaway:

 bunyamounts 00005

Pete carrying a rugged up Mayana-Berry ready for our bush-walk. Seriously, have you ever seen anything cuter!!!? She even managed a snooze while we all trecked!

 bunyamounts 00009Pete, Mayana, Jordan, Mama & Papa… ready to walk! Just so you know, Jordan is carrying my nappy bag, not some weird man-bag; I just think he would want you to know that. bunyamounts 00014Posers…

bunyamounts 00025At the Bell Tower Restaurant (somewhere near Kingaroy). Awesome view! 

bunyamounts 00031Alexie, Bethanie, Mama & Mayana, Jordan, Peter, Oma & Papa.. waiting for our lunch.  Aren’t my family a good looking bunch?

bunyamounts 00034Four generations of Buma…

bunyamounts 00047Another gorgeous view.. from the Lavender Farm

bunyamounts 00056I want to live here… This is possibly the cutest house I’ve ever seen.  Even holidaying here would make me happy!

bunyamounts 00058Woodchopper! Between the three of them, Jordan, Peter & Papa kept the wood pile well-stocked.

bunyamounts 00072Out for dinner at the Toowoomba Golf Club. Aren’t we a spunky pair?

bunyamounts 00089Oma & Jordan at dinner.

bunyamounts 00094



So, what have you been up to lately?

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