Thursday, 16 July 2009

Missing in Action

.. I've been a very slack blogger this week. I've hardly even been on the computer (*gasp*), have a teething baby, a bad cold, and house that needs work before my little munchkin realises that she's a teensy bit of coordination away from crawling!

I'm enjoying our last week of holidays.. uni is back next week, I'll be there one day a week, and Pete will be there two days.

We had our paediatrician appointment on Wednesday- he was quite happy with how well Mayana is going, and she has gained an average of 20-25g per day over the last month! She is currently 4.820g, and I'm so incredibly happy with that. She's finally into 000 clothes!! Her second tooth started cutting through the gum today, so hopefully our little one will be back to normal soon.

I have lots of things on the go (as per usual), including a couple of sewing projects, a cross-stitch or two, some half-made/designed jewellery and a few books I'm half way through reading. I'm actually thinking of running a giveaway over at Friendly Beads, would anyone be interested???

Hope you're having a good week.. who can believe tomorrow is Friday already!?

Zoey x

{Ps. I'm about to put up some more pics of my gorgeous girl over at my Brag Blog}

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