Sunday, 10 May 2009

Welcome to Mothers Day

That was a text that I got from my gorgeous Nanna today.

My first mothers day! How exciting is that!!!

Mayana slept through till 5am today, bliss, since she has been waking up at around 2-ish AND 5am, which is sooo annoying when you’re used to her sleeping though! I am pretty sure that it’s her teeth that are bothering her, but anyway, that’s another story.

So, she woke at 5am, had a feed, and went back to sleep until we had to wake her to get ready for church! Nice!

Pete brought me breakfast in bed (Bircher and a cappuccino) at about 8am, and gave me my mother’s day gift:

May09 00301

Another Willow Tree for my collection! Woohoo!!! Apparently Mayana told Pete that this is the one she wanted to get me ;-)

We woke up our gorgeous smiley sleepy girl (she does the cutest smiles when she first wakes up), got her dressed for church, and actually got there early for a change!

I got a lovely gift from the church:

May09 00299 May09 00300

and today’s service was really beautiful.

After church we headed up to the gorgeous Beutel’s Lookout at Ravensbourne for a picnic. It is one of my favourite places to have a picnic, and we haven’t been there for ages.

We had a yummy picnic lunch, Mayana had her farex, which I had mixed with water because I forgot to express last night – she didn’t think much of that at all!! After lunch we just laid on the picnic rug and took photos and chatted… it was lovely.

May09 00201

I wanted to get some nice shots of Mayana with me for my first mother’s day. I think we succeeded…

May09 00202 May09 00214

This family shot would be perfect if Pete was looking at the camera…

May09 00259 Isn’t she looking bigger!? She has such a gorgeous little cheeky personality, and this photo really captures it. Precious little munchkin.

May09 00269This is Pete’s new favourite photo of me… lol.

May09 00273

Candid shot of Mayana and I checking out the awesome view that God made for us!

May09 00275

I had a fantastic Mothers Day, and feel very spoiled by my bubby and hubby. I LOVE being a mummy.

Mayana also did a few ‘firsts’ today. She found her toes, and tried really hard to suck on them; She sat up all by herself, for about 30 seconds, and for about 5 minutes supported only by a cushion on my lap; She pulled herself up into a sitting position by grabbing onto her rings which Pete was dangling over her face. She also came to the realisation that she quite likes raspberries on her tummy. So much so, that she grabbed onto her Papa’s chain, and would use it to pull him down for another one, over and over again. Pete is uploading a video of this, I’ll pop in a link when it’s done. She’s so clever and gorgeous, and we love watching her discover new things about herself and her world.

I feel incredibly blessed today.


  1. Happy first mother's day! What beautiful photos of beautiful day! xxx

  2. I had a great Mothers day too. But I did miss a few people in particular!! Love your gifts and the photos of you and Miss M are beautiful. Love Mama.

  3. Happy Mothers Day, what a wonderful way to spend it :)


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