Friday, 8 May 2009

One Year Ago

A year ago tomorrow, the 9th of May, this happened:

I was on prac at Suncoast Christian College, and we were staying at my in-laws place (they were away). It was our 10th cycle of trying to fall pregnant. It was a Friday, I had been 'due' on the Wednesday, but wasn't going to allow myself a pregnancy test until Friday. I woke up Friday morning, feeling like 'it' had arrived. I got a little bit teary, and told Pete. He told me to take a test with me to the toilet just in case. I went into the bathroom and yelled out to Pete, "It's not here!". He raced in and told me to do the test. I did what I had to do, and placed the test on the bathroom bench. Pete went over to have a look, and I told him not to look at it until the 2 minutes were up. He turned around with a big grin and said, "But there's a line already!!!!". I went over and snatched it out of his hand, and sure enough, there it was!!! We both started jumping around and laughing and crying... after all our planning and talking and dreaming, it was finally happening: we were going to have a baby.

I went off to school that day with my happy little secret. I may have let slip to my brother and sisters over the next couple of days, but we decided to wait until Mother's Day to tell my parents. They were very happy and excited. Over the next couple of days we rang Pete's parents and siblings, and my grandparents, and visited Pete's Nan to tell her... everyone was completely stoked! But not as much as the two of us.

Well, you all know what happened over the next 9 months, you were right here reading and sharing it with me... I just can't believe that this... that Mayana.. all started a year ago! It does seem like such a long time ago, and looking at photos of my growing belly, reading my pregnancy posts... it all seems so surreal. It feels so weird looking at those bump photos, and knowing that was Mayana in there. It's so weird imagining the time before Mayana was in our life, before we knew our little Mayana Banana.

What an incredible twelve months to reflect on...

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