Sunday, 24 May 2009

Brisbane Adventure

Yesterday, Pete, Mayana and I, and my friend Jess, drove up to Brisbane, where we met Mama and Papa at Ikea!

I love Ikea, it’s such a fun place to shop. And it was even better that we got to hang out with my parents all day!

Papa was a total Mayana hog (hehe), and had a great time wandering around with her, putting her in random chairs, and taking her to choose the perfect stuffed toy (it ended up being a great big orange hippo- I’ll put photos of it on Mayana’s Blog).

May 09 00025 Mayana doesn’t look so little in this chair, eh?

We bought a few things at Ikea, the ‘town map’ rug I’d been eyeing off. I really like it, it has such scope for imaginative play, and the Ikea one has some really great ‘landmarks’, like an igloo, a beach (complete with whales) and a castle on a hill!

We also got her this really cute mobile, which she fell in love with as they had one just like it hanging over the change table in the parent’s room.

I got some stuff for the kitchen too (storage containers, little shelves for the pantry, cake decorating stuff).

After Ikea, Pete and I went to his brother, Daniel’s place to meet our new baby niece, Hannah. Daniel hadn’t got to hold Mayana before either (they’d only met her once, at their wedding), so everyone got to have cuddles of their respective niece.

May 09 00029

Pete with Hannah, Daniel with Mayana

We then went back into the city and met up with Mama and Papa again. That was a drama in itself. Our idea was to part at a train station, and train into the city so we didn’t have to worry about parking. We’ve done it many times, and it usually works well.. but not yesterday. We got to the train station with about 5 minutes to spare before the next train… which didn’t arrive! A voice came over the intercom telling us that there was a delay, and it would be 20 minutes late. Fair enough. I settled in, gave my girl a feed… finished feed.. still no train!

Eventually, we gave up, and decided to risk parking in the city. So we asked good ole tomtom to direct us, and ended up at the Myer Centre car park - $15 flat rate… nice!

Into the city… and off to STARBUCKS where I had me a Grande Double Chocolate Chip Blended Cream Frappuccino with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce. Oooh yeah.

We walked around for a bit, and Papa spotted a chinese takeaway in a shopping centre which was selling off what they had left for cheap- he got 6 containers for $20! Not bad, fed the 5 of us well, we were so full!

We had such a lovely day together… Mama and Papa just couldn’t get enough of Mayana, and who could blame them!?

We definitely have to do it again…

May 09 00037 May 09 00040


  1. I had a great day too! Next time though I want to be the Mayana hog okay? Hope Pete had a fantastic day today. Love you heaps, Mama.

  2. Or maybe, I could be a Mayana hog!!! xxx


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