Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My new look … and a date with my man!

Yesterday I got my final birthday present… a trip to Mel at Salon Unique for a cut, colour and eyebrow wax. I got brave, and went for a whole new look. I’m SO happy with it!!!

May09 00146 May09 00179I always love Mel’s haircuts, but I am in love with this one. I feel so good!!! And the colour is fabulous… will definitely be keeping it like this for a while!

As I mentioned in my last post, Pete also took me on a date last night! It’s our second one since Mayana was born, and it was lovely. He took me to one of our old haunts, Ma Mensa’s on Hastings Street. We used to go there a lot when we were going out/engaged. It was lovely, though not the same as it used to be, we’re thinking maybe it has new owners. Still good food though! I had a mushroom, sage and parmesan risotto, and Pete had a baked gnocchi dish. They were both delicious. Afterwards we bought yummy ice-creams and took a stroll along the beachfront boardwalk – another tradition of ours.

There is not much of Noosa Beach at the moment though! Instead of boardwalk, vast expanse of sand, water – it now goes boardwalk, rocks, water. The recent floods haven’t done it any favours, that’s for sure!

It was so nice to hang out with *just* my husband, and we even managed to not talk about Mayana the whole time! I think we need to take advantage of the baby-sitting offers we’ve had from our friends and reinstate our monthly date-nights…

May09 00149 May09 00147

We are home again now. It somehow took us over 4 hours to get home. Mayana wasn’t a very happy traveller unfortunately. I think most of the problem was that for the last week she’s had someone next to her in the car to play with, and she didn’t today and got bored. She wasn’t screaming the whole way (only parts of it) but she was fairly whingy for most of it. She was so happy once we got home though. She has discovered a new noise she can make today- and absolutely gorgeous little chuckle. She got a real little belly-laugh happening in the bath tonight, it was so adorable.


  1. Oh your new hair is FABULOUS!!!!!

  2. The new hair is fantastic!


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