Friday, 15 May 2009


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[Step One] Peel, core and dice fruits (apple & pear), peel and dice vegetables (pumpkin & sweet potato).

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[Step Two] Place in steamer, steam until soft

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[Step Three] Puree, using blitzer, and place into icecube trays

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[Step Four] Place in freezer. Once frozen, shake out into separate zip-lock bags, label & date.

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[Step Five] Count down the days until Monday, when Mayana starts her proper solids diet!!!

I’m thinking of giving her her Farex in the morning, and some pumpkin in the afternoon.

There’s so much to think about… every book has different advice. What to give first: fruit or veg, what time of day to give solids, when to introduce more than one ‘meal’… My plan at this point is just to take things slowly, and see how Mayana goes with it all.

If anyone has any real-life advice (books are driving me batty, Pete told me to chuck them in the bin, I told him I can’t cos they’re from the library) I’d be very appreciative :-)

Zoey x


  1. I have to admit that I tried some pumpkin today (I may be naughty for doing this a little early, but George gets excited every time he sees a spoon!) and it went well. I have been giving them the odd bit of farax after a feed too. They are "eating" more than I thought (I thought it would go all over everything) and they like it... so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.
    Of course their milk is the main food at the moment so I'm not substituting any milk for food or anything. When are you going to start giving some mash to Mayana?

  2. Oh! I'm not very smart!
    She starts on Monday!

  3. aw nothing naught about that! They're 4 months, right? The way I see it, between 4 & 6 months is a great time to experiment with small amounts of different tastes and textures so that by the time they get to 6 months and actually need the extra nutrients from food, they're used to it enough to eat it, not just play with it!
    And like you said, it's not substituting feeds, so it's not as though they're missing out on anything.

    I was surprised too by how much Mayana is actually taking in - hardly any mess at all! She gets excited upon seeing a spoon also.

    I'm really excited about the whole solids thing.. I had so much fun making my purees today, lol.

  4. Go Mumma!!! Looks great. I plan on doing exactly the same as you. Go for it. Plus i know what you mean about library books lol


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