Friday, 6 February 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes (at whistlestop cafe)

Aside from sounding like something I wouldn't particularly want to eat, Fried Green Tomatoes is a fabulous movie! I've been told that the book is even better. I've just read "Standing in the Rainbow" by the same Author (Fannie Flagg), and was suitably impressed. It was the kind of book where I was disappointed when it finished.. not because the ending sucked, but because I wanted it to keep on going!

So - note to self: Put "Fried Green Tomatoes" on reserve at the library!!

(Yes I'm still managing to get a bit of reading in, even with a new baby at home!)

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  1. Hey Zoey it is good you watched the movie first. I read the book and then watched the movie and became very frustrated as the movie in my opinion didn't portrait the book very well. I loved the book and the movie was ok. Tante Kerry


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