Thursday, 30 October 2008

Stoopid blood pressure and other ramblings

I had to go to my doctor today because she was giving me all of my records and everything to take to Noosa with me. My blood pressure was back up again - 130/96! It went down to 130/86 when she checked it again 10 minutes later. Still too high though. I'm so disappointed because I was really happy with my low reading earlier in the week. To be fair I was rushing around town all morning trying to get things done and only just got to the docs on time so didn't get a chance to sit and calm down. It was also really hot in her surgery and I was feeling quite uncomfortable, all of which may have attributed to high reading.

She wants me to see a doc on the coast this time next week to check up on the blood pressure, and I got more bloods taken today (my arms still hadn't recovered from the last one!) to check against my preeclampsia baseline. I'll get the results from that tomorrow. Oh and of course they needed some pee also. I think it's the first time since I've been pregnant that I actually didn't need to go, so I had to wolf down a few cups of water so I could deliver!

So, everyone, prayers that this is just a glitch on the system and nothing to be concerned about would be appreciated.

In other news, bub is still head down, and heartrate was still 139bpm. Once again bub was very excited to visit Dr Elizabeth and wouldn't stay still so it took a while to get those stats, lol. The doppler was picking up lots of *thump thump, squiggle squiggle* noises which were much louder than the heartbeat.

I've been really tired *pregnant brain MUST remember to take those iron tablets!!* - not sleeping well because I've been so uncomfortable. I've been waking up with my leg from the hip down feeling kind of numb, and I toss and turn all night - between getting up to pee -to four times a night(!!!!) even when I stop drinking water before 7pm. Apparently I've turned into a bed hog, and Pete tells me that he's sick of sleeping in the crack between the bed and the wall. Deal buddy! lol. Did I mention I love being pregnant? Because really I do.

Bub has been SO active for the last few days. Last night my laptop nearly went flying off my lap because of how hard s/he kicked! I'm really enjoying all the movement, and Pete and I have fun trying to figure out which little lump is a foot or a knee or elbow and where the little wriggly bottom is.

We're heading to Noosa on Saturday, so have been trying to get things done - picking up layby's, taking back library books etc. before then. Tomorrow I'm getting together with a group of uni friends to do our online quizzes and to just hang out. On Saturday on the way to Noosa Pete and I are hoping to go to the matinée session of "The Importance of Being Earnest". It's the last day of it playing at QPAC. I haven't been to the theatre in ages. The last show I saw was the Scared Weird Little Guys, and I can't even remember what the last actual play I saw was. Something in year 12 probably. So hopefully it all works out and we get to go!

Anyway, I'm spending the afternoon in the air conditioned library bumming around while Pete is at a class. Yay for free, fast internet. If all else fails I have a Gilmore Girls DVD in my laptop and Pete's earphones ready to go. Oooh and a new Karen Kingsbury book in my handbag!

I'm off to make the big decisions, lol.


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  1. Hey Zoey :) Those many in the night peeing sessions are just preparing you for when bub arrives! Isabelle graces us each night at least 3 times for a cuddle or feed. We will be praying for you in regard to the whole BP thing, that's one extra stess a pregnant lady doesn't need! Enjoy your trip home and give our love to the family. Love Jess xo


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