Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Last Assignment and other ramblings

Today I have my group seminar - three of us speaking for one hour about, "writing objectives for an IEP or EAP for students with communication difficulties". Fun!!! Way to enthrall your listeners. We have some good activities for them to do so hopefully it doesn't end up too boring.

I'm excited because this is my last assignment for the year! After this I only have two online quizzes and then it's all over. Very happy Zoey here right now.

I'm sitting at the coffee stand at uni (how very Gilmore Girls of me) waiting for my group to get here for our last minute meeting. Gotta love the wireless internet and the beautiful Dell laptop with the battery that actually has a decent life!

Two guys from one of those armoured vehicles just came to stock up the ATM right near the table where I'm sitting. I wonder if I looked suspicious, I kept peering over my laptop at them. The one with his hand on his gun (!) was keeping a sharp eye on me. And I thought I looked so sweet and innocent.

Pete made me waffles for breakfast thismorning (Waffle is very happy) and I had mine with golden syrup and cream. So healthy, and so yummy. I made him coffee. I think bubby liked it all and is feeling revitalized after the few quiet days we had - I think we have had a growth spurt. I think this for two reasons: 1) My tummy is freaking huge, 2) The kicks are beginning to hurt. In a good way though, I love the movement, and Pete can feel it with his hands no worries now, as long as bubs is cooperating of course. It's really funny when bubs changes position and my tummy gets pointy bits - like last night it was sitting hard up against my left hand side and my tummy looked very lopsided. It was really hard and tight on the left hand side and squishy on the right. I'm glad we didn't stay that way for too long, I must have made it uncomfortable when I made Papa poke around to see what body part he thought was sticking out. Bub moved pretty quick, lol.

Oh, I saw on channel 7 today an ad saying that the Yank version of Kath & Kim has been given the flick! This is a very good thing, because it was C.R.A.P. The term "cringe-worthy" was invented for this show. Our real Kath and Kim must be sooooooo embarrassed. They're bringing back the REAL K&K instead. Which is very good. I think it's especially funny because after all the hype, it only lasted for two episodes! Must have had REALLY bad ratings.

In other news today, did anyone else hear about the Elite Melbourne Boys School which suspended all 120 of its year 12 students, the day before final exams begin?? People think it's an over-reaction but I think good on them for proving to these silly boys that even if they are about to leave, they still need to have responsibility for their actions and respect for the school. I mean, they were rough-housing to the point that one fella broke his leg, then when they were all called to an assembly to discuss the matter they let off fireworks before running through the school wearing only their school ties as g-strings. Noice. At least that's the gist of the story. I'm glad I wasn't there to see that. I do wonder though if it was all 120 students that were inlvolved. At least it would be easy to tell who was in on it. Ewwwww.

Anyway, this drovel has gone on for long enough... I will leave you in peace and cross my fingers that my group turns up on time. They're meant to be here in 8 minutes. We'll see.

I'm off to peruse facebook... I think Joelene has put photos up (that's just to let Mum know, get Alexie to show them to you tonight).

Later gaze...

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