Saturday, 11 October 2008

Since when is it okay?

We were at a grocery store today, and the checkout lady (as in an older lady, at least in 50's) asked me how far along I am. I told her, around 6 months. She replies, "Far out you look like you're about to pop! You are going to be HUGE". She didn't say this once. As she was scanning our items, it's like every time she looked at me she shook her head and muttered, "huge".

Nice huh? Way to make a preggy woman feel great.

I know that my tummy is big - I'm short okay. Bubby has gone up as far us possible and now the only way to grow is out!

Some thoughts do not need to be spoken out loud.

ps. Just so you know, I'm not as irked as this post sounds, I actually did laugh with Pete about it, I just think it's a bit rude.


  1. Don't worry honey. I used to get that too. People with overly long torsos have no understanding of us people that are more compact than them. Keep on laughing!! Love Mama.

  2. Pffft to her Zoey. Yes some people should keep their thoughts to themselves. Let me know what supermarket and what aisle she works on and I will make sure I get her next time. I'll say, "Geez, how old are you?", and she'll say xx, then I'll reply with "Far out! You look older than that!"
    And for the record, you look BEAUTIFUL!
    - Lisa xx

  3. That is rude! Glad that you're recovering not too put off by it!


Thank you!!


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