Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pretty new makeup

Today after I dropped Pete off at prac, I went shopping. I can't even remember the last time I went shopping on my own! I had to do groceries, but I did some fun stuff first... shouted myself a coffee, and then I went to Target because I had seen some mineral make-up for a really good price, and have been looking for some for ages, but can't afford the usual cost. So anyway, $16.95 for this mineral make-up kit: foundation, blush, two eye-shadows and two brushes. Bargain!!!

I'm really happy with how it looks on. I don't usually wear foundation (read never!), but this is nice, it's so light, I don't feel like I'm wearing make-up but it makes my skin look really good! The eye-shadows are pearly green and blue, and the blush is a lovely naturally subtle shade. Yay for bargain make-up!!!

My husband says it makes me look REALLY hot ;) He thought I had had my make-up done (as in by someone who knows what they're doing) when I went to pick him up today. I think he likes it.


  1. Alexie and I thought it was such a great bargin that we went to Target and got some too! Now we can all look gorgeous together!!
    Love Mama xxoo

  2. You look beautiful Zoey. :-)

  3. Mineral makeup is supposed to be really good. Glad you like yours, yes it does make you look great. But more importantly it makes your skin feel great. Good job on the price too.
    xxx MumAnn


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