Friday, 31 October 2008

Our lucky baby!

One of our homegroup friends came around today with a lovely gift pack from our homegroup. It was full of bits and pieces, both practical and pretty and we feel very spoiled!!! Silly me didn't think to take a photo before I unwrapped it but it was all wrapped up with cellophane in the white basket in the top right hand corner of the pic below. But here are some pics of what was in the basket. The lotions and potions aren't all from small group - the ones in yellow are yummy smelling dutch lotions that Papa bought me from the Dutch shop in Perth. Then we have a yellow giraffe all-in-one, a collection of little tupperware containers and spoons, baby nailcare set, teething toys and a parenting book, a stack of singlets in various sizes and a cute lion bib with two stretchy wraps. There was also one of those baby record books which I've started filling in already. Isn't our baby blessed!!!

Here is a photo of our pram and carseat which we picked up from Target layby yesterday. Attached to the pram are some little toys from our baby hamper today.

And here's our groovy baby bath. I know it's not strictly necessary to have things like this, but what the hey, why not? It was on a *really* good special ... lol

And this is Mama's corner of bubby's room. This is the rocking chair which we were blessed with by my lovely friend Lisa. It's a gorgeous place to sit and ponder. I like sneaking in there to read and imagine sitting there feeding our little baby. The room is really starting to feel like a baby room, and I can't wait to bring our little one home to live in there!

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