Sunday, 19 October 2008


Pete and I had a very productive day yesterday and got all the junk cleared from the "spare room" and made it into an actual "nursery!"

I whipped up the curtains the other night - we chose the colours because I love green and Pete loves blue. You can't really tell in the photo, but they are kind of sparkly also - like they have little tiny pieces of silver glitter through the fabric.

Next week Mum is bringing down the bassinet and a book shelf. Pete is going to make a change table that will sit over the cot, and we still need to get a cot mattress. And other than that our little room is nearly complete and ready for our beautiful bub to come and live in it!!

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  1. I love GREEN too!

    You guys are so talented! i keep hinting at Drew that I want a sewing machine cuz i want to be the classic house wife style woman. haha. and cuz well i'm not the best sewer but i can (just) sew... haha


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