Friday, 9 December 2011

Wonderful Wiggles!

Some time ago, we took Mayana on a wonderful adventure.

We took her to the WIGGLES CONCERT!!

Mayana adores The Wiggles, and she counted down the days, and talked about all of the songs they might sing, and whether Dorothy and Wags and Henry would be there…

I have to say, The Wiggles were absolutely fantastic, and well-worth every single cent of what the tickets cost. It was worthy paying for them just to see this face when we walked into the foyer and got presented with a Wiggles crown:


And this face, when we walked up onto the balcony towards our theatre door:


And this face when the lights started to dim and the music started (ugh, don’t look at my face though!):


The Wiggles arrived on stage in their fancy big red car, joined by Wiggly Dancers and the Ring Master. They were so much fun!


Mayana’s months of practicing finally paid off when The Wiggles sang ‘Rock-a-bye Your Bear’ and Jeff inevitably fell asleep. Mayana put her hands to her mouth and yelled at the top of her lungs (which when all’s said and done isn’t really that loud), “WAKE UP JEFF!!!”


The highlight of the show for her was when Dorothy came out with three beautiful ballerinas. Mayana stood up on her chair and began to twirl. She still hasn’t stopped talking about Dorothy Ballerina.


She was entirely captivated, for pretty much the entire show.


We had to do a quick duck-out to the toilet at one stage, and found ourselves face-to-face with Murray at the end of our aisle. He said hello and shook Mayana’s hand. She was very star-struck.

Speaking of Murray, what do you think of this rockstar shot!!


I’m so glad we got the opportunity to take our girl to the Wiggles show, and was definitely a highlight day of our year, and a memory that will be treasured by all of us for a very long time.



  1. Stunning pics.
    We're huge Wiggles fans here too.
    I seriously love going to their concerts!!

  2. So loved catching up with your blogs. Miss them. Beautiful photos. Big kisses and hugs. Mama


Thank you!!


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