Monday, 28 November 2011

Food + Art

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food anyway?

I came across this fabulous idea on Pinterest a little while ago, and finally got a chance to try it out. Peter and Mayana have their last Mainly Music for the year tomorrow, and have been asked to bring a plate of food to share.

Last week Peter whipped up an epic batch of biscuits (easiest recipe ever: 500g butter, 1 tin sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup sugar, 5 cups self-raising flour). He froze it into about 5 lots and has been baking it in batches. So he used some of that biscuit dough to make some Christmas tree shaped biscuits. Then I made a simple icing of about 1.5 cups of icing sugar and the juice of 3/4 of a lemon. I spread it onto the biscuits and let it harden.


After dinner, the fun began.

I set out three dishes with red, green and yellow food dye, and a handful of cotton-buds.


And we decorated!!


Mayana thought it was awesome!


Two of her favourite things, ‘making art’, and biscuits!


And before we knew it we had a beautiful, colourful and creative batch of Christmas biscuits ready to take to Music tomorrow!


It was so lovely, the three of us doing something special all together, making memories. We’d quite like to make this an annual family tradition.

Super-easy, lots of fun, and kept Mayana fully focussed for nearly half an hour. The perfect toddler activity. You should give it a try!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun. What a great family tradition to start. Love family traditions!


Thank you!!


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