Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Things She Says

1. I was going for a shower, and Mayana was in the bathroom, watching me, as she does (apparently the right to privacy goes out when Motherhood comes in). I was shaving my legs and Mayana asked, “What are you doing Mama?”
Me: Shaving my legs Maysi
Her: Why?
Me: Because they’re too hairy.

Mayana went away, then came back with her stool. I saw her get some toilet paper and climb to wet it in the sink. She then wiped the wet toilet paper over her legs. I asked, “What are you doing Mayana?” To which she replied, “I’m just wiping off my hairy beasts, like you Mama.” Touché.


2. Yesterday morning Mayana came screaming into our room very upset. After we eventually calmed her down, she managed to get out that she was upset because she left her lollies at Santa’s house, which left us scratching our heads. After a while we got the full story out of her. She had visited Santa’s house (in a dream, though it was obviously very real to her), and he had given her some ‘fruit salad lollies’. When she woke up, she didn’t have them anymore, meaning she had clearly left them at his house. Panic and tears ensued. Funny chook. The dream was obviously really vivid to her, she was able to tell me a lot of detail about Santa’s house (which was red) and all the little children who lived there. She had a little sleep on a jumpy castle bed that was ‘big and huge like yours Mama – but I was allowed to jump on it’.


3. We went to the waterpark today. Mayana chose which togs she wanted to wear – the ones with the in-built floaties, in spite of the fact that you are never actually submerged in water at the waterpark. But she wanted to wear them anyway, because they are her Turtle Togs, and she loves them. Apparently the in-built floaties remind her of a turtle’s shell.


4. She has been totally melting my heart daily lately. She will walk up to me and hold my face and kiss me and say, “I love you Mummy”. Today she even called me Mummy Princess. She’s so affectionate and I’m lapping it up.


I need to start writing more of these down. She is talking so much now it just blows me away, and she is so often (usually unintentionally) incredibly funny, and always cute. Too cute not to share.

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  1. So gorgeous.
    They're spectacular at this age, aren't they?


Thank you!!


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