Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Point + Shoot: whirlwind weekends

Being on holidays makes the days all blend together. I love waking up in the morning and thinking I have no idea what day it is today, and I don’t even care!

But once I sort out the days in my head, I find that this weekend was quite a busy one:

- Had friends over for dinner on Friday night which meant quite a late night for a certain over-excited little Miss, who fell asleep in the middle of saying prayers and…
- that she slept in till 8am on Saturday morning! Score!
- Practiced a song with a sister and a friend for a Christmas item at sister’s church on Sunday.
- Lazy afternoon in which the only thing I did was take photos to make 3rd birthday invitations for my little big girl!

IMGP0913 IMGP0915 IMGP0916

- Sang said song at sister’s church, then rushed over to my church so that I could see our church family before Christmas and the New Year.
- Home to do some housework before heading down to Noosa to have afternoon tea and a Christmas-gift-exchange with the in-laws.
- Watched my awesome sister, brother and dad in their church’s fabulous dinner-theatre-style Christmas show, ‘Mary’s Story’.

IMGP0925 IMGP0926
IMGP0927 IMGP0931

- Spent time after the show catching up with wonderful friends and familyIMGP0919IMGP0923

- Finally went to sleep well after 11pm… which is super-late for me these days!

Yep, big weekend, but our weeks have been just as big. Holidays are so not relaxing. But they are awesome!!

I’m playing along with Lou for Point + Shoot… you should too!


  1. Oh - Mayana looks so grown up - and gorgeous- in those pics.
    Fantastic invitation idea.

  2. gorgeous! I love the new changes to your blog also.


Thank you!!


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