Friday, 9 December 2011

Beautiful Baby Two

The time is flying by, and I can’t believe that I’m nearly half way through this pregnancy!

For the most part things have gone very smoothly. Morning sickness was minimal – it was the same as with Mayana where I mostly felt the quease around dinner time, and Peter became our full-time cook for a few weeks there. But that seems to have passed, and most days I have an appetite again. Tiredness is the one thing sticking around, and this night owl is struggling with going to bed at 8.30pm!

However, I am loving being pregnant – just like I did with Mayana. I think my body likes being pregnant, and I can’t help but feel that I was made to do this.

My tummy is growing very quickly – much faster than last time, apparently normal for a second pregnancy, but exacerbated by the fact that I had quite a bad tummy muscle separation with Mayana.


14 weeks


17 Weeks


19 weeks tomorrow

The only true panic we have been through was when I had a doctor’s appointment at 16 weeks with a suspected UTI. The doctor (a new GP who I had never seen before) tried to find the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler, and wasn’t able to. She told me that it wasn’t a very good doppler and not to worry (yeh right!) but gave me a referral for a scan, which I couldn’t get in to until late the following afternoon. I think it was the most stressful 24 hours of my life. Even though I had been feeling the baby’s movements for a couple of weeks, I spent the day convincing myself that I must have imagined them. After having lost a baby earlier this year, I think I was preparing myself for the worst.

However, praise God, we had an awesome experience when we went for the scan that afternoon. We saw a beautiful healthy baby, with a perfect heartbeat, fully formed with healthy organs and well developing bones and body. It was amazing.

Arms near head

Baby from the top view. Head to the left, with arms up near the face (just like Mayana in her scan), and you can see a little foot down there on the right of the photo.


Strong, reassuring heartbeat. What peace that sound brought!


My cutie baby’s profile. Head on the left, you can see the curve of the spine/back, and little feet kicking around in front of the face.

I have no real plans to go back to that GP! It was a very terrible experience. I think especially after having such a great relationship with the GP I saw through Mayana’s pregnancy.

The baby’s movements are getting stronger all the time, and on Wednesday night, Peter got to feel it for the first time while he lay with his head on my tummy talking to bubby like he does every day. It is much earlier than he felt it with Mayana, and was a very lovely moment.

This week I had my first midwife appointment at the hospital (the booking in appointment). I was told that I should be able to have the rest of my antenatal appointments through midwives at the clinic, which will be fantastic, and much more suited to what I want for this pregnancy. There is also a good chance of me being able to go home within 24 hours if all is well (minimum of 6!) meaning that I won’t have to spend a night in hospital again.

The midwife we saw for this appointment was just lovely, and with only 7 midwives on the team in this area, chances are I will get to see her quite consistently throughout my pregnancy.

We got to hear that beautiful heartbeat again, as well as the thumping of a couple of kicks to the doppler. Mayana was with us at the appointment, and it was a very special moment for us when she began to dance to the sound of Baby Two’s heart beating. She melts my heart that girl!

We have another appointment at the hospital next week, for a routine 20 week check-up. I also have a referral to book my big morphology scan, and am planning to do that the week before Christmas.

So we’re rolling along, and the weeks are flying by – so much more quickly then I remember them doing with Miss Maysi!

Can’t wait to meet our beautiful Baby Two…

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  1. Oh what a relief that bubs is okay! I didn't realise you had lost a baby earlier in the year. That's always terrible. :-(

    Love how your bump is growing! Are you going to find out the sex, or keep it a suprise?


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