Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ummm, can anyone say CUTE!?

IMGP6296Yay! Finally enough hair for plaits!

IMGP6300My self-proclaimed pretty girl…

IMGP6292 On the phone. This morning, she (in her imagination) spoke to ‘Taam’ (Kami), ‘Lala’, ‘Boo’ & ‘Jay’ (My sisters & brother), ‘Nana a Pop’ (who she is missing very much), and ‘Shane’ (her uncle on Pete’s side).  She was actually quite chatty, which is a big change from when she is really on the phone – when she sits in complete silence, waiting to be spoken to.

Aaah she’s so cute!


  1. Ummmmm...I'd say SUPER cute! :)

  2. She is adorable :)
    My little boy 'talks' on the phone too.


Thank you!!


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