Thursday, 18 November 2010


Mayana is twenty-two months old today! To celebrate, I’m going to share with you twenty-two fun facts about the Mayana Berry…

  1. She is super-beautiful, and takes my breath away pretty much every single day.IMGP5928
  2. She is still a little petite mini. She’s still not quite 10kgs!
  3. She can now drink out of a big-girl cup!
  4. Her favourite music is the Wiggles, and even when it drives me nuts, it’s still worth it to see the gorgeous smile it puts on her face.Photo0019
  5. She’s a crazy climber, with absolutely no fear… just like her Papa.
  6. She counts like this: “un, two, four, six, five, eight”.
  7. She loves to eat “Ber-ber” (bircher) and “yo-yo” (yoghurt) for breakfast every morning.
  8. Apparently brooms make far better horses than sweeping instruments.
  9. She loves water, and will play in any water that she can find. For example, my sister just found her with her hands in my other sister’s fishbowl, trying to catch the fish (sorry Alexie!!).
  10. She loves to paint, and ever since she painted one at daycare, she always wants to paint a ‘Croc Snap Snap!!’
  11. Drawing is one of the few things that will keep her occupied for more than 5 minutes at a time. She now likes to point out different elements in her drawings, like bubbles, snakes, and Kami. IMGP6054
  12. She’s an awesome sleeper, and sleeps for almost 12 hours every night, as well has having a 1-2 hour day sleep every day. Bless.
  13. She lives to ‘help’, though sometimes the amount of actual help she delivers is questionable.Photo0021
  14. She adores animals. At the moment, her favourites are owls and snails.
  15. She loves bling. The other day, I walked in and found her with about 12 of my necklaces hanging around her neck. It doesn’t have to be a real necklace though, even a piece of rope can be “pretty” when Mayana wears it around her neck!
  16. She draws on walls. It’s very naughty, and she knows it.
  17. When we ask her to smile, she pulls this really weird face where she scrunches up her eyes and nose. It’s so funny.
  18. She loves to play outside, any chance she gets. IMGP6065
  19. Tea-parties are one of Mayana’s new favourite things to do. She’s amazingly good at pouring ‘tea’ (water) into her tiny tea cups.IMGP6257
  20. She is getting really clever at her colours, and the ones she always gets right are orange, white and blue.
  21. She thinks stickers are really cool. They don’t have to be sparkly or colourful or particularly pretty. The other day, she put the barcode from her new shoes on the back of her hand and proudly showed off her sticker to anyone who would look.
  22. She loves her family. Very much. She might be a tiny girl but she loves to hugely!

Happy 22 months to my gorgeous princess Mayana.

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  1. That is a lovely record of what's happening in Mayana's life right now- treasure the moment! Mayana is a blessing to you. Pete and Zoey, you are great parents :)


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