Monday, 15 November 2010


Kids just reek of the stuff!

Mayana has coped so well with this whole crazy moving thing. Better than me I think. Aside from a strange (and thankfully short-lived) vomiting episode, she seems to have taken it all into her stride. In the last week and a half, she has slept in 4 different houses, been in the car for over 9 hours and hardly seen her Mama and Papa. 

Photo0024She even ‘helped’ with the cleaning… 

She has said goodbye to her bed, and her room, and her familiar spaces and faces. She had her last day at daycare (and nearly had all her carers in tears), and said goodbye to her little friends. She’s still asking to play with Livvy (her best buddy), and it makes me a little sad, cos I’d sure like to see Livvy’s mummy, too!!

Photo0074 Being a bronco rider at Liv’s house last week.

But all in all, my little darling has been such a trouper. She just takes it all in her stride, and keeps that gorgeous smile on her dial.

Her sleeping patterns are a little mixed up, but it’s just a matter of getting her back into routine. She’s eaten far too much crappy convenience food – but we’ll get back into our family breakfasts and mealtimes, and it will all be good.

She is loving being back in Noosa, with her family and all her favourites. She’s in heaven – and so is everyone else with having her here.

I think we’re all going to like being home.

J   M

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