Thursday, 2 December 2010

The First Haircut

A certain Little Miss has been looking more than a little shaggy lately. After so many months of near-baldness, Mayana’s hair has really taken off. I wouldn’t say it’s long, or particularly thick, but it is definitely getting there. And it was driving her (and me) insane, all whispy in her eyes all the time.

It was time for a haircut.

We booked in with our favourite hairdresser, Mel at Salon Unique. Partly because I knew Mel would never forgive me if she didn’t get to do Mayana’s first haircut, but mostly because Mel is the best hairdresser ever, and I knew she would do a beautiful job… and never cut the fringe too short or turn my princess into a mushroom-head!

Mayana was very excited that she was the one who got to sit in front of the mirror this time, and wear the “big bibby”. She took the whole thing very seriously, and for the most part sat very still. Mel was very impressed. IMGP6687 IMGP6694IMGP6688  And for her patience in cutting the hair of a moving target, Mel was rewarded by a very squishy cuddle by our neat-and-tidy-haired gorgeous girl. Mayana also cried when we left, asking for “Mel cuddles”.


Mel didn’t take a whole lot off (I got a few little whispy puffs of hair for a keepsake), but she did neaten it up considerably, and cut in a cute little side-fridge. Mayana can now see, and I can still do gorgeous hairstyles for her. We’re all happy.


  1. Gorgeous!

    Will is currently overdue for his fifth haircut. The hairdresser no longer holds any appeal :(

  2. She looks so much older! Can't wait to see you guys!!!


Thank you!!


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