Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mayana Fix

Because I know your Sunday night/ Monday morning just wouldn’t be the same without it! Here are a few of my favourite shots from this week…

smiles This child of mine has been a poser since the moment she was born. The middle shot shows this new little look she has going. You ask her to do a cute smile, and this is what she does. Well, it is kind of cute!!

IMGP4158 She’s nothing if not a trendsetter!

IMGP4181 Or a crazy cave-man-type chick!

IMGP4192 It’s been quite cold this week. Mayana is so adorable all rugged up!

IMGP4243Little Miss has discovered the art of the hissy fit. She doesn’t get her own way, and she pulls out the tears, becomes very tragic, and slowly drops to the floor, head on the ground and wails. It’s very unattractive. And it makes us giggle. But sometimes she just gets herself so worked up that she can’t snap out of it. We’ve discovered that the swing is the perfect cure. 

buddies Mayana has recently discovered my old doll, Ebony. I’ve had Ebony since I was Mayana’s age, but it seems Mayana has adopted her. I think she plays more of a buddy role with her rather than Mama + Baby. She shares her morning tea and lunch with Ebony, and has to have an extra sippy cup for her. But mostly they just like to hang out together, especially when it’s Playschool time!

Hope you enjoyed that!!

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  1. Thanks Zoey. My fix is satisfied! Love the photos of Mayana and Ebony. I don't think you loved her that much:)


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