Friday, 4 June 2010

Reigning Again

Once again, I may officially be named the Reigning Queen of Procrastination. And here is the crown I've chosen this time...

Pretty, no?

I’m ‘working’ on this integrated unit assignment, full of such weird education-ese acronyms such as RPL, HOTS, KLA’s, EL’s, WOW’s, QSA, K&U’s, B/MI, SOSE, H&PE and many more. And yes, I do know what they all stand for.

What I’m finding particularly funny is the amount of people from my class ‘working’ on the same assignment who are currently hanging out on facebook. Including me, obviously, otherwise how would I know they are there.

I am getting there with this assignment. It’s not particularly hard, just scary because it’s worth 50% of the grade for this course – and it’s double grade-point course! So that’s big.

Something that’s definitely in my favour is that I have the gift of the gab, in a big way. So when I actually switch over to a window that’s actually holding an element of my assignment (there are four elements), I can quite quickly pull out some reasonably quality work, and a fairly short space of time. But then, inevitably, my cursor finds its way back to that Facebook tab, for just a leeedle more procrastination. Problem is, people are boring today – not providing me with enough status updates to keep up with my constant flicking.

Hence the blog post.

Aaaaah the joys.

Alright, flicking windows again now! Hope your day isn’t as boring as mine…

Later gaze…


  1. HAHA. I know what you mean! FB is losing it's charm. Good luck with the assignment!


Thank you!!


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