Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Movie World

Our piece of excitement over the long weekend (thanks Queen!) was a trip down to the ever exciting Movie World!

IMGP4440Waiting in the carpark for everyone else to arrive.

My sister had collected a stack of half price entry vouchers, so the 9 of us + some family friends made good use of them.

It was loads of fun. And Opa & Kami wanted to be Mayana hogs, which suited us just fine, as it meant we still got to go on the rides!

IMGP4443Mayana and Opa waiting to be let into Shrek 4D

Mayana coped really well – despite only having one 25 minute nap all day. She was very intrigued by all the people and colours. She enjoyed the Shrek 4D experience, and went on the train twice, and the carousel, met some loony-tunes, and was blown away by the awesome new stunt show (I mean, who wouldn’t be!?).


All of us had a great day, and many warm and fuzzy memories were made. It’s great to do wonderful things like that every now and again.

I’ll leave you with some more happy snaps of our happy day…   IMGP4449 My lil bro Jordan with his buddy Daffy.

IMGP4453  Mayana giving kisses.

IMGP4491 The awesome stunt show!

IMGP4520The whole crazy bunch of us!

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