Monday, 14 June 2010


Saturday was a gorgeous day. Crisp and clear. The sun was shining, the sky was brilliant blue, and Mayana was stir-crazy. So we hit the park. Mayana loves wide open spaces, and loves to run, and chase ‘teet teets’ (birds). And the sunlight was perfect for wonderful photos… so prepare yourself!IMGP4349 IMGP4355 IMGP4358 IMGP4361 IMGP4395 IMGP4406 IMGP4344 IMGP4432

Seems Mayana has gotten over her phobia of crunchy leaves. There was a time when the mere sighting of a dried out leaf was enough to have her climbing up me in sheer terror. But no more apparently. Mayana had the best time ever in this big pile of gorgeous crunchy leaves.

My darlingest husband has also uploaded a video, which you can view here.


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