Monday, 14 June 2010

Little Legs…

Okay so instead of the usual Mayana’s Week post, I’m going to do a couple of posts for the big highlights of the last week. Because otherwise my computer will have a major heart attack trying to upload too many photos. So here goes…

On Tuesday, we decided to take our precious girl for a fun day at a play centre.

She loved it. She has been there before, but she wasn’t quite the climber she is today. It was much better value this time. She climbed her little heart out. She was on the big kids play gym, up so high that her poor Mama’s heart was way up in her throat. Especially when she went down the incredibly tall slippery-dip all by herself!

She played and she played, stopping only for a short break to down a cupcake, and then played some more. She clean wore herself out. And slept for 4 hours when we got home! (that’s just one of the perks of such play centres).

So. Photos: IMGP4270What kid doesn’t love a ball-pit??

IMGP4273 In the mini-ball-pit with her little buddy Olivia.

IMGP4292 IMGP4315 On the big slippery-dip. It was hard to get a good shot of this, she was moving too fast, and the lighting wasn’t so great. But she was VERY brave :)


And this is after she got home. She has an obsession with hats at the moment, and will come in and out of her bedroom 10 times a day with a different hat on each time. And the vest… she’s in love with it. She calls it “Bubbles” and if she sees it she must wear it.

Argh she’s so darn cute!!!

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  1. I love the "bubble" vest. Can't wait to see you all! xx Mama


Thank you!!


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