Thursday, 22 October 2009

technology is being mean to me

On Tuesday, my beloved phone went stupid, and it wasn’t making any noise – so I couldn’t hear it ring etc. And the microphone wasn’t working either. So if I tried to ring someone, they couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them. Luckily, I just turned it off and back on and it came back to life.

Yesterday, my computer went stupid. It totally froze while I was checking my emails, and wouldn’t come back to life. So I turned it off, and when I tried to turn it back on, it informed me that it couldn’t launch Windows. I went into a panic. My photos! All my photos and videos of Mayana that I haven’t backed up on the external hard-drive for at least two months! I can’t have my computer die just before my final year of uni. I can’t afford a new computer- I’m not even sure if I can afford to pay someone to fix this computer! You know, the whirl of panic when your head thinks up every worse case scenario all at once and your heart starts to race and your legs feel a little shaky.

It came up with an option to have it search for fixes for the problem. Um. Yes please! I decided to go have a shower while it did its thing. Better for the nerves than watching the little worm slowly progress across the screen.

It was still going after my shower. Then it asked me if I’d like to make it revert back to a time when my computer was working properly. Yes please. About half an hour later, it finally turned on. It’s been working fine since. Thank the Lord!

Today, I was deleting old photos of my camera. It has an option where you can select the photos you want to delete and then press a button and it deletes them all. So I’m trying to do this, and the stupid thing deletes all the things I DIDN’T select. Including some new videos of the Mayana Berry that I hadn’t put onto my computer yet. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Just now, I was doing some stuff on my puter while watching TV, and everything turns off. Except the lights. Something was flicking the safety switch. Peter runs around unplugging things and trying it again… and eventually works out that it’s the extension lead that the phone is plugged into. Why? Because water has dripped on it from our dish-rack and it is pretty much full of water. Hooley Dooley. Hands up those who are grateful for inventions like safety switches right now!?!?!? *ME!!!!*.

They say these things run in threes. Well I’ve had four, and I’m over it.

Puh-lease technology, let’s be friends again!?!?


  1. I'm a little afraid to comment, lest your computer tells my computer to start being tempremental too!

    That's quite a week you've had.

  2. We're being effected by the same beastie! We have a virus that's making all internet activities impossible. It's off to the computer Dr.!! Love Mama.


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