Monday, 19 October 2009

nine months ago today…

I bought my precious itty-bitty wrinkly bundle home from hospital. She was so tiny I hardly knew how to hold her. Her newborn nappies came up to her armpits. She was beautiful, wondrous, precious.. she was ours.

So much has changed in nine months. Mayana has changed for starters. She has grown… (slowly)… developed, she has learned so much, taught me so much.

She makes me smile every day.

Being a mum is a new adventure every day. It’s hard work, it’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s scary, overwhelming… it’s the BEST thing I have ever done. The best thing I will ever do.

In the past nine months I have learned many, many things. Here are some of them:

  • Nine months of pregnancy takes twice as long as the first nine months of your baby’s life.
  • It is amazing how quickly your body adapts to being awake numerous times through the night.
  • It is amazing how quickly your body gets used to sleeping through again, and how rudely it is shocked when baby starts teething and waking up through the night again.
  • Breastfeeding can be really painful, and really hard work. But it’s so worth it.
  • It’s okay if you can’t stick with breastfeeding 100% of the time. Giving Mayana some formula feeds was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made for her, but definitely was one of the best.
  • My baby needs a routine. Even though she’s capable of sleeping in till 9am, it’s better for everyone if I get her up at 7am, because then she’ll actually have some day sleeps and I can actually get stuff done.
  • A lot of the things you worry about before your baby arrives become incredibly insignificant when she is actually born.
  • The reason mums always talk about their children is because their children are their whole world, and some days they don’t actually have much else to talk about.
  • Spending time with other mummies is one of the best things you can do for your own sanity.
  • It can be really hard to have a newborn and live far away from your own mummy.
  • Babies pick up bad habits really quickly. But take ages to break them.
  • Watching your husband care for your child makes you fall in love with him all over again.
  • It’s sometimes really hard not to giggle when you reprimand your child. Especially when she turns around and points her finger at you and copies your, “uh-uh-uh”.
  • Teething sucks. And I don’t care what some of those baby books say. Teething symptoms are NOT a myth.
  • When you have a baby, any sick, sad, or dying child you see in the media has their eyes, and it tears your heart out.
  • Even when you’ve had a REALLY bad day with your baby, she is always gorgeous and beautiful and loveable when she is (finally) sound asleep in her bed at night.
  • Life is a lot easier when you can put your baby down on the floor and know that she’ll still be there in the same spot when you come back.
  • Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the feeling of your baby looking at you with eyes that say, “You’re my whole world”, snuggling into your chest and holding onto you.

Now won’t you indulge me on a trip down memory lane…?

mayana joy 00055

mayana joy 00089  First family photo   |   First moments at home

mayana joy 00091

january 00016

my teeny-tiny precious girl

 1 month 2 months

One month    |     Two months

3 months 4 months

Three months    |    Four months

5 months 6 months

Five months   |   Six months

7 months 8 months

Seven months   |   Eight months

9 months

Nine months!!!


  1. Look how much she's grown! Happy 9 Months! :)

    And you Zoe, fantastical uber Mum- congratulations on 9 months for you too. You just have to look at your adorable daughter to see all the results of your hard work.

  2. What a beautiful post :) Mayana is just darling!


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