Sunday, 25 October 2009

my crazy week

didn’t end up being quite so crazy after all.

My Thursday date was cancelled, because one of the girls got put on strict bed-rest because of high blood pressure.

My Friday Brisbane trip was cancelled because my friend got sick. Pete and I could have gone on our own, but decided that we might as well save our pennies for our Perth trip and make a date for it next year.

I hope your weekend was beautiful. I had a lazy-dazy one with my husband and daughter. We milled about the shops on Saturday… didn’t buy much except for my new handbag!! Today we had church, and then birthday lunch for our friend. It was great. One of those country pubs with incredibly massive meals for incredibly low prices. We are totally going back there.

We just figured out that our house inspection is on Tuesday not Monday. All that frantic cleaning for nothing. Ha. I’ve still got an assignment to finish off to submit tomorrow.

On Wednesday we’re leaving to visit my grandparents.. probably till Monday or Tuesday. See how we go. Then on Sunday week we’re off to the coast for two weeks, Pete’s doing prac. Then back home for three weeks… then PERTH!!!!! I’m so dang excited!

The rest of this year is going to fly by. It’s insane! My little Mayana Berry will be one before we know it!

She’s sick at the moment. It’s very sad. She has a terrible cough, I think caused by a runny nose that’s dripping down her throat. It’s the cold that doesn’t end! It’s just flared up badly again. Poor munchkin. She does cope with it well though, she’s been really happy today. It’s just at night. You know, when you’re lying down you always seem to cough worse. She keeps waking herself up… and us. *yawn*. And that darn sixth tooth is taking its sweet time in making an arrival! Definitely not helping matters. I’ve got her cot elevated, she’s got eukky-bear rub on her chest and back and feet… what else can I do? Poor chook. It hurts my heart-meat.

Zoey x

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  1. I hope her cold clears up soon.

    Loved that bag, btw. I love bags. And shoes. And books. Ok. Stopping now.

    Hope you make it to your Grandparent's place. Have a good week.



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