Sunday, 18 October 2009

Death by Chocolaty Goodness

Okay, maybe not death. But definitely a severe sugar-induced hangover. Post-chocolate slump. Slightly over indulged tummy. And maybe a massive headache. But it was so. totally. worth. it.

Yesterday my mum and sisters and I went to check out Noosa’s newest cafe, Chocolat. For our debut of the place, we went gung-ho, and ordered the fabulous Chocolate High Tea. I have never eaten or seen anything like it. Ever.


First of all, we were each presented with these cute silver platters, containing about six or seven little chocolately delights. Truffles, french pastries, divine chocolate mousse, the richest, most intense chocolate mudcake I’ve ever eaten. We looked at each other with childish giggles. Oh. My. Goodness. Our eyes were saucers, our mouths were watering. But there was more.

S7304325 S7304324Another waitress presented us with these delectable inventions. Chocolate crème brulee (oh seriously, my mouth is watering now just writing about it), and white chocolate panacotta with strawberry compote. Delicious. We couldn’t even believe the amount of chocolaty cholateness in front of us. Had we ever indulged ourselves quite to this extent? No. Never.


S7304327 Hot Chocolate Shot. And yes, it deserves capital letters. Molten chocolate. So thick you could nearly stand a spoon up in it. I can’t even begin to describe the way it just filled your mouth and charmed every single tastebud. Velvety deliciousness. You have no idea.  S7304329 S7304334 S7304335

Mum was so disappointed her tongue wouldn’t fit in the cute little shot glass. There is a possibility we may have gotten just a tad silly from the Hot-Chocolate-Shot-induced-sugar-rush. We may or may not have giggled uncontrollably like little school girls. The chef may or may not have been overheard telling the waitress that he thought he’d given us too much sugar. I guess you’ll never know for sure.

S7304328 I think Mayana felt a little ripped off that she was only offered a plain arrowroot biscuit. But all things considered she was SUCH a good girl. Quite content to sit and watch her Mama, Kami & two aunties make chocolately messes of themselves.

S7304326Seriously, does this not make you drool???

That mudcake was so dang rich. I really had to put an effort in to swallowing my last mouthful. So did Alexie:


Nearly two hours later:
S7304339 We felt a little piggy, because everyone else’s tables only had a coffee cup and saucer left behind, whiles ours had, well, this. The chef offered to open the double doors for us, so we could fit through the doorway. I *think* he was only joking.

Now children, this most definitely falls under the “Sometimes Food” category. Besides, I don’t think my tastebuds will be ready again for a couple of months yet.

If you’re ever in Noosa, you seriously need to do this.

Promise me you will!


  1. OMG my idea of HEAVEN!!! YUMMO!

  2. You know, it's not so much the Hot Chocolate Shot (you're so right about the capitals), it's the thing behind it in the picture that may be slightly orgasmic.

    What on earth is it and where can I get it????????????

  3. This is the place to go when you feel hormonal I feel... I think that high tea would fix any PMS!

  4. I wish I was visiting this Christmas!! Sounds like my kind of 'High Tea' :-)


Thank you!!


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