Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Children365: Celebrate them every day

I heard about this campaign on a news program this morning. It is being launched by the Alannah & Maddie foundation on the 1st of November this year.

The campaign is about celebrating children every day, and is in response to the high instances of violence against children. It is being launched as a tribute to Darcey Freeman and her family.

The campaign asks parents to write a 365 statement. These can be published on the Children365 website from the official launch date (November 1).

For now, I'm going to write mine here:

3 reasons I love my child

* She brings joy to my life every single day - she never fails to make me smile.
* She loves me unconditionally, she knows I am her Mama and will always look after her.
* She is amazing to me in every way.

6 ways she makes me smile

* She discovers new things every day, and everything is just so incredible to her.
* She claps her hands and bounces when she hears music.
* She cuddles me when I ask for a snuggle, and kisses me when I ask for a kiss.
* She has her Papa wrapped around her little finger, and she knows it.
* She plays in her cot before she falls asleep, and ends up falling asleep in the most bizarre positions. I always take my camera when I get her up for a nap.
* She has discovered she has a voice, and talks all day long.

5 things we will do together this year

* Go on our first big family holiday.
* Start swimming lessons.
* Organise a fabulous first birthday party with all the people who love her.
* Go to the library more and read lots and lots of books.
* Find a good playgroup.

Why don't you create your own 365statement. Post it as a comment here, or on your own blog, and don't forget to copy it over to the Children365 on the November 1 launch date!

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