Monday, 12 October 2009

At it again

I tried something a little bit different this time. It didn’t work out exactly how I pictured it, but I’ve made some minor changes to my pattern and the next one will be perfect. So I think this one will be added to the Mayana-berry’s wardrobe. I’ll give this pattern another go later in the week.

No pics of it on my model, as I didn’t get it finished until after she’d gone to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

October09 00142

October09 00146


  1. It is beautiful! I want it for my niece! Actually, I have 4 nieces and one on the way.

    And now I'm lusting after your clothes. This.Is.Not.Good! :-)

  2. I think im going to have to meet up with you so you can teach me to sew!


Thank you!!


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