Friday, 29 August 2008

Half way!

Can you believe it!

We are on the downhill stretch... we're halfway there and will be meeting our little honey so soon! It's gone so fast so far, and now we're here, all of a sudden we realise how much we still have to do before our little one arrives.

Our twenty week appointment went really well. Everything from the scan last week was perfect. The doctor I saw ordered blood and urine tests to form a base line to keep an eye out for preeclampsia because of my hypertension (even though my blood pressure has been BRILLIANT since I've been pregnancy)- I guess it's just one of those just in case things. One of the awesome things about being pregnant is all the extra blood going through my body means that the nurse found my vein really quickly and I bled well (for a change). Except I now have this massive bruise which is a little sore. Oh well...

I've been so lucky in this pregnancy... barely any morning sickness, my baby is developing perfectly, and Pete and I are both enjoying it so much.

Bubs has been getting lots of exercise lately, and I love it. Pete's been able to feel the movement a couple of more times, which he loves. I'm also starting to notice bub's patterns of sleeping and waking. We've had our first two antenatal classes, the first was physio where we did massage and weird relaxation methods, and this week we had one about pregnancy and giving birth in a normal labour. We felt just so enthused after the close up videos of the birthing process. Not. I'm so glad I don't have to visually be a part of that! Very scary, lucky God made my body especially to be capable of doing it! It's all pretty amazing though.

Anyway.. thought I'd pop in a pic that Pete took on our 'halfway day'.... this is me at 20 weeks. I can see a fair bit of difference from my 18 week shot, what about you?


  1. OOHHH, you're just so cute! Just read your teacher blog as well. I knew you'd love your prac once you started. Have fun at ravensbourne tomorrow!Love you heaps. Mama.

  2. Are you sure that is bubby, and not the consequence of the Chocolate Cottage last week???
    You're looking beautiful Zoey. Hope prac is going well.
    Love ya - Lisa xx

  3. Welcome to Spring!! You certainly do look different. No denying a bubby now - not that you want to LOL!!
    Glad it's so enjoyable for you both. It is an exciting time.
    Love u lots MumAnn


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