Monday, 4 August 2008

Baby update...

This awesome little machine is called a doppler... and it is what today allowed Peter and I to hear our baby's heartbeat!!!

We had an appointment with the doctor today and finally got to hear our baby's heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!! It was so incredible, and really reassuring. It feels so good to know that everything is okay. The little heart is pumping away at 155 beats per minute, and the blood is pumping through the umbilical cord at the proper rate... and my tummy was making lots of awesome noises wink.gif lol. It was just so.... wow!

I've also been feeling definite flutters, and my bump seems to be growing every day. We are just getting so excited...

When the doctor felt my uterus, she said that I feel like I"m further ahead than what I think... according to our original dates I'm 17 weeks, according to the 7 week scan I'm 16 weeks, and according to my doctor I'm 18 weeks!!!! I'm sticking to the 17 weeks for now, and we'll see what happens at my scan in two weeks. Bubby will arrive when bubby is ready I guess!

Love from the happiest Mama and Papa to be in the world!!!!!!


  1. It's getting more exciting and more exciting!! I remember hearing your heartbeat as if it was only yesterday!! Be prepared for time to really speed up now! The doppler looks very futuristic compared to what they used for you guys. Should have done a sound recording on your phones!!

  2. We are all excited too!! Extended family and friends are all excited. There will be no little baby more loved than this one. But then I guess every family feels this way about their new little ones' arrivals. Enjoy every moment and the ride you are on - no getting off this roller coaster now!!
    Love you all heaps and heaps.
    XoxoXOxO ~~~XXs~~~ (blowing kisses)


Thank you!!


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