Thursday, 21 August 2008

Last Night

Me: Bubby is giving me some really huge thumps tonight. I'm sure you will be able to feel it soon.

Him: I hope so!

Me: Maybe you should try now, seriously they're pretty strong.

Him: Okay, where do I put my hands?

Me: Places his hands on the right spot. Just there, stay still.... did you feel that?

Him: No, I didn't feel anything.

Me: What about that one?

Him: Looking very crestfallen. No. I can't feel it.

Me: Poo. Hopefully it won't take much longer, it feels so hard to me.

Him: I hope so too.

We both lie back in bed and start reading. I rub my tummy and plead inwardly with bubby, "Please bubby, let your Papa feel you kicking me!"


Me: Throws book at Pete, who jumps. Pete, I felt that one with my hand. Try again!

Him: Sits up quickly and leans over to put his hands on my tummy. Okay.

Me: Maybe if you press your hands down a bit harder? Just be still. It may not feel very hard to you, just concentrate.

Him: Was that it? I think I felt it!

Me: Yep, it's kicking heaps right now

Him: I can feel it, I can feel our baby! Leans over to kiss my tummy and whispers, "Thank you bubby, I love you"...

Disclaimer: The above photo is not my tummy and is almost definitely photoshopped.


  1. Come home!!! I want to feel bubby kicking too!! Oh well, gentle rubbing in a circular motion and a rasberry or two will suffice!!XXXOOO Love Mama.

  2. Aaawww, you make a mudda's heart melt!!! Can I stand in a queue to feel bubby kicking too???
    XOXOXO MumAnn


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