Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Baby's first photos

Today we *finally* got to see our beautiful baby. All I can say is WOW!

Our appointment was at 9.30 am, and I was told I didn't have to drink any particular amount of water, but not to empty my bladder for half an hour before my appointment. Only thing was that the clinic was running about half an hour late, so I ended up having to hold on for a lot longer. I was so busting by the time we went in. The sonographer asked me how I was feeling, and I replied with "Busting!". She laughed and told me that it really isn't necessary to have a full bladder these days...

Anyway, she gelled me up (she was very nice and had heated the gel first so it wasn't even cold!) and away we went. We saw our baby straight away. It was kind of shrugging and wiggling, looked like it was trying to get comfortable. It was love at first sight for both of us. Bubby wasn't being very cooperative, I think it was sleepy and didn't want to move when the sonographer poked it, so I had to do the moving so she could poke at me from different angles. Eventually, she told me to go and empty my bladder to see if bubby would move from that. I told her that usually bubby loves to move when Mama has a full bladder! But no, bubs still did not change position, although it wiggled down from under my belly button, which helped a bit. (I told Pete to look out cos bubs is already exhibiting the stubborn Dutch genes!). It started waving its arms around though, and sucked its thumb for a bit, and then rubbed its eyes like it was sleepy. This first photo is taken just after that. Pete thought that was just the cutest thing ever and has been insanely clucky ever since. We got to see the baby's heart and brain and kidneys and bladder - it's incredible to think that we've seen inside our baby. Another thing I really loved is now I know for sure that the little things I've been feeling are definitely bubby moving - as when we saw bubs kicking or stretching on the screen, I could feel it. It was SO cool. Oh, and the cheeky little thing would not stop moving once I got to uni after the scan...

They have officially changed my due date until the 17th of January.. so I'm only 4 days out instead of a week... but like my doctor said, bubby will come when bubby wants to come! So that makes me 18 weeks and 2 days today. That first photo is my first belly shot which Pete took this morning. I've been noticing a real difference in my clothes lately, and in the past couple of days my tummy has started to get really hard. I thought it was still quite low (as your uterus starts growing from in your pelvis and at my last checkup had only gotten to just below my belly button), but from today, I know that bubs is actually sitting much higher than I thought.

It feels like it's really truly all happening now, and we're so excited. It was so amazing to see our baby and I loved every minute of it.


  1. Alexie & Mama19 August 2008 at 18:09

    We are so excited!
    we've fallen in love too!
    Alexie & Mama.

  2. WOW Zoey and Pete, these pix are so cool. No wonder you are so excited as we all are!!! SO glad you can finally put a face to a name - almost!!!! LOL
    Baby Friend is one much loved baby already (even/especially with Dutch genes hahaha) Love you both, big kisses for bubby


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