Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Baby clothes!!

The way we're going bubby is going to have more clothes than us when he or she arrives.

We've been picking up a few bits and pieces, as well as receiving a few beautiful gifts... They are all so cute and we love imagining our baby in them!

It's been tricky trying to find neutral pieces actually... everything seems to be either REALLY boy-ish or REALLY girl-ish...

Today we were having a look through Target and they were having a clearance so we got a few cute bits and pieces. We got a few winter things in size 0, and some teensy little size 0000 summer things for when bubs is born.

We're getting quite a collection...

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  1. Hi Zoey! Love your blog! We were quite fortunate when I was pregnant with Rachael, all the small sizes were white so we are well stocked this time round regardless whether our little one is a he or she. Also they are usually quite expensive but Pumpkin Patch online has really cheap clothes for all sizes at the moment as well. At least 60% off. Jess xo


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